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Compare Power Companies has never let anybody down and will work hard to get an exceptional outcome for the customer.  We bring electricity industry processes and knowledge and we will tell customers what power companies dont.  If you need to change suppliers, we will arrange for the contract and organise the switch.

We stand by our work and will go out of our way to make the right outcome happen.

If staying put and doing nothing is the right thing, then we will tell you even if it means that we get little or no return.

We cant always help everyone, for sometimes the contract they on is very good in the current market or it prevents us from effecting a change that we know will benefit the customer.


What happens when you dont use Compare Power Companies and try to negotiate power contracts internally?

Purchasing officers although they have good intentions, dont tend to have the electricity knowledge, or the understanding of the processes of different power companies, and may miss ways to save money that is obvious to an energy professional. Saving money on using a professional is a form of false economy for there is a missed potential or opportunity.

We have knowledge of an owner of  large group of service stations who has a net usage of 2,000,000 kilowatts annually over 16 sites, and they preferred to negotiate a  new supply agreement internally and without assistance.  Compare Power Companies knew the sites, and was aware that some of them would have benefited from changing to NHH and could have made that happen.  Did the customer get good time of use pricing? Possibly they did,  but they missed out on significant potential savings from the sites that could be changed, and that was a lost opportunity

There is always something within a power supply invoice to critique, whether it is the capacity charge, the metering configuration, or the meter reading, with the larger the account, the greater the cost of any mistake, and they do happen.


We provide regular industry updates via our facebook page

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Working for You

Compare Power

Time of Use electricity pricing

We can compare your current pricing and also compare any new offer.

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Cheapest Business Electricity Supplier

We will personally find you the right energy deal. We will look past just the basic pricing and if it is possible we can recommend that the fuse size is looked at?

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Time of use to NHH pricing

We know the system and process and can work with and give instructions to Power Companies to change from time of use to NHH pricing

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Analysing costs with actual data

We will gather your usage in the correct format to provide an accurate annual cost analysis.

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Business Gas options

We can also check natural gas prices and costs, arranging for new prices if needed.

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Business Gas and Electricity Suppliers

Our aim is to ensure you get the best deals available. If you are on a good deal we will tell you, if not we will get it for you with your permission.

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Compare Electricity Prices

Comparing the business electricity market to find the best deal is difficult and time-consuming. We’ve got the solution, and we’ll save you money.

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What Our Customers Say

I manage a motel and slightly obsess about energy prices. So when Mike rang back and said we were pretty much on the best plan available to us I knew I was on to an honest bugger. Highly recommend the service, there is no cost if he can’t add value.

Richard Christie – Otaki Motels  5 star google review

Having to navigate all of the jargon the power companies put in there pricing and understanding it requires Mikes experience. Always a pleasure to deal with and always happy to answer questions about getting a better deal for his clients

Jordan Alison – Cherry Global  5 star google review

Mike was very helpful and made everything easy and stress free to get us the best deal possible. Would highly recommend to any business looking at using his services

Dylan Nicholson – NicCars     5 star google review

Energy pricing and analysis independantly

At Compare Power Companies, we provide services and electricity advise to business owners all over New Zealand.

We have a facebook page with up to date insight into the electricity industry along with views and opinions on market trends and certain products and contract clauses that we find.

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