Compare Power Companies finds the cheapest Business Gas and Electricity providers .

CPC will find the best business prices available from the electricity and gas suppliers.

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Why Choose Us?

Compare Power Companies

Compare Power Companies has the expertise and knowledge to be able to ask the right questions, and obtain the right information from a customer’s power supplier so that they can get competitive power supply offers

Being independent means there is no bias towards any particular company

Compare Power Companies is a local business owned by Mike Foot, a Christchurch based energy consultant.  He knows the energy industry very well and is totally independent.

Greatest savings in one year?

In 2021, we managed to save a cool-store owner $35,000

This year 2022, we have just recently saved a school $29,000 a year, simply because we knew the system and how to make changes that will benefit the customer.

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Working for You

Compare Business Electricity Providers

Compare Power Companies

We have extensive experience in the New Zealand electricity industry with networks into their tendering desks.

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Time of Use pricing

Through Mike's knowledge and experience, we can request data in the correct format, and then can go to market and compare each time of use offer, year by year, site by site

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Time of Use pricing - Non Half Hour Pricing

Knowledge is power, and CPC has plenty of both. We can advise if you need to remain on time of use pricing or have the options of changing and we know how that is done.

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Compare Power Companies NZ

We’ll analyse your existing contract and usage history before exploring the deals currently available to find the best one.

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Comparing Power Companies

We have extensive contacts in the industry, so we have access to deals and offers that might not otherwise be available to you.

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Comparing Power Companies NZ

Our aim is to ensure you get the best deal available.

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Speak to An Electricity Expert

Comparing the business electricity market to find the best deal is difficult and time-consuming. We’ve got the solution, and we’ll save you money.

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What Our Customers Say

Mike here in Christchurch, customer service, support, was
over & above. He took time to explain & supported me. Such awesome person. No job too hard for Mike.

Piki Moana

The Best Way to Get a Business Energy Deal

At Compare Power Companies, I provide power comparison services to companies  all over NZ, ensuring they get the best possible energy deals. I have extensive experience and contacts in the industry, and you’ll be working with the owner-operator of the business  who is based in Christchurch when you contact CPC.

Power company pricing representatives are located all over New Zealand because of covid 19, and they are often hard to find.

You will  get a personal level of service and expert advice fully customised to your needs. I am fully independent, so I compare the major power companies in NZ to find you the best deal for your business or home.  All contact is done remotely, as is contract acceptance and billing implementation.  Businesses get a detailed report and recommendation, and then we arrange the switch if it is deemed necessary to get the best deal.

To find out more about our service to compare electricity and gas prices for NZ businesses or homes, please give us a call today.

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