Compare Power Companies finds the cheapest Business Gas and Electricity providers .

CPC will find the best business prices available from the electricity and gas suppliers.

Compare business electricity suppliers

Cheap business gas and electricity

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Compare business electricity providers

It’s in our name – we compare power companies to help your business get the best possible deal on electricity. When you hire us, we’ll do a thorough analysis of your company’s power usage and plans for the future, and we’ll then use our knowledge, expertise, and contacts in the industry to get a deal that will save you money and meet your needs.

We will tender your electricity through broker channels to get the best electricity price available, and we will compare prices from some of the top electricity providers.

Once you have made the choice we will arrange for contracts and the account setup so that all you have to do is accept the offer.

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Compare Business Electricity Providers

Compare Electricity Providers

We have extensive experience in the New Zealand electricity industry,

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Cheapest Business Electricity Supplier

We will personally find you the right energy deal.

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Best Business Electricity Deals

We are not tied to any power companies in New Zealand. As a result, you’ll get independent advice based on your requirements.

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Compare Business Electricity Suppliers

We’ll analyse your existing contract and usage history before exploring the deals currently available to find the best one.

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Cheap Business Gas and Electricity

We have extensive contacts in the industry, so we have access to deals and offers that might not otherwise be available to you.

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Business Gas and Electricity Suppliers

Our aim is to ensure you get the best deals available.

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Comparing the business electricity market to find the best deal is difficult and time-consuming. We’ve got the solution, and we’ll save you money.

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The Best Way to Get a Business Energy Deal

At Compare Power Companies, I provide power comparison services to companies  all over NZ, ensuring they get the best possible energy deals. I have extensive experience and contacts in the industry, and you’ll be working with the owner-operator of the business when you contact us.

In other words, our service is not an automated or algorithm-based system. Instead, you’ll get a personal level of service and expert advice fully customised to your needs. I am fully independent, so I compare all power companies in NZ to find you the best deal for your business school or farm, and I’ll negotiate on your behalf.

Then once you switch, I’ll analyse the first bill from your new provider to ensure you are paying the correct price, i.e., the price you received in your quote. To find out more about our service to compare electricity and gas prices for NZ businesses or homes, please give us a call today.

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