About Us

About Us

At Compare Power Companies, we specialise in helping NZ businesses, schools and farms find the most suitable and cheapest electricity prices. Our services include:

  • Negotiating energy rates for electricity anywhere in New Zealand
  • Negotiating the most competitive pricing for Time of Use (TOU) customers
  • Meter changes and downgrades
  • Multi site tenders

We are independent and, because of our experience, we have access to broker and industry networks that are not available to standard business customers.

We offer each site via a bulk tender process, where power companies compete for your business, then we provide a detailed analysis along with our recommendations once all the offers have been received.

Savings range from 8% to 34% annually.


Comparing Power Rates and Deals is Very Time Consuming and Specialised

Comparing business electricity rates and deals is completely different from choosing a power company for your home. There are many online websites to help the homeowners but not many specialise in getting the best electricity prices for business owners

How and when  you use electricity is as important as how much you use.

Help is Available

Properly comparing electricity prices is complex. As you get into the detail, there are even more things to consider and challenges to deal with.

Fuse size

Site capacity

Daily rates


Unit rate

Prompt payment discount

Welcome credit

These are all taken into consideration when looking at an electricity offer for you.  We make it simple and present all offers in the same format so that you can choose the retailer that offers the best value for you.

Give us a call today, or send us an email and we’ll start the process of finding you the best electricity deal.


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