About Us

About Us

Compare Power Companies is owned and managed by Mike Foot, who is based in Christchurch New Zealand.

Mike has an extensive energy background with over 10 years’ experience selling and promoting energy products for major energy and gas companies.

Mike has also worked for a recycling company, where he was responsible for ensuring that as much paper and cardboard that was possible from his customers waste streams didn’t go into landfill.

Mike discovered that all power companies are not the same, and that as an employee of a power company, your first obligation is to your employer.

As a relationship manager, Mike’s responsibility was to ensure that the customer was so happy that they didn’t check the market, for they usually paid a premium.



Loyalty is also not generally rewarded in the energy industry. A customer who has remained with the same power company for many years, is probably paying more than they need to.  Over time, power companies are likely to increase their supply price to get more margin because they know that most customers either business owners or homeowners do not check the market.

As an independent consultant, Mike uses his extensive electricity knowledge, and networks to get better offers from the major power companies and can compare them side by side.  If you are getting a fair market price, then Mike will tell you, if not he will obtain that fairer price for you.

When you contact Compare Power Companies you are dealing with the owner of the company and Mike will do his best to help everyone who makes contact to get a better power price than they are currently getting charged.




What Our Customers Say

Mike here in Christchurch, customer service, support, was
over & above. He took time to explain & supported me. Such awesome person. No job too hard for Mike.

Piki Moana