About Us

About Us

At Compare Power Companies, we specialise in helping NZ businesses and homeowners find the most suitable and cost-effective energy deals. Our services include:

  • Negotiating energy rates for electricity anywhere in New Zealand
  • Negotiating energy rates for natural gas on the North Island
  • Negotiating the most competitive pricing for Time of Use (TOU) customers at contract expiration

We are independent and, because of our experience, we have access to broker and industry networks that are not available to standard business customers


Comparing Power Rates and Deals is Very Different from Comparing Residential Deals

Comparing business rates and deals is completely different from choosing a power company for your home. The process, the structure of contracts, and the potential pitfalls are all considerably more complex in the business energy market.

It is also essential that you understand and then take into account how your business uses gas and electricity. Even if you are putting in place measures and processes to reduce the amount of energy your business uses, make sure you are realistic about your usage estimates.

Help is Available

Properly comparing energy prices is complex. As you get into the detail, there are even more things to consider and challenges to deal with.

That said, help is available – give us a call today, and we’ll start the process of finding you the best energy deal.


What Our Customers Say

I will recommend CPC service, We can save lot of time. They help us to suggest good deals.

Naga Venkata Balaji Bethala - June 2021

Compare Power Companies has helped me get the best price for my power and save me money! They are efficient and have lots of knowledge to ensure you are on the right power plan for your needs. Highly recommend

Charlotte Bain - June 2021

Mike went over and above to find us the be power and gas rates.
He was quick to respond and very friendly and professional.
I would definitely recommend him and his Company.

Karin Sargent - June 2021