About Us

About Us

Compare Power Companies was created to provide an independent means of confirming if business customers are getting a fair deal, and if not, getting customers setup on the better prices.

We dont get “kick backs” from friendly power companies, for you lose the independence. Make no mistake, if an entity has no charges, then they are getting a commission from the power company they are recommending.

We also use the data from the past 12 months usage when comparing each businesses cost, and we can tell from our report the impact of any price change or increase.

The more we can save businesses the better off we all are.

We also provide regular market updates via a facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/comparepowercompanies




Compare Power Companies are partners with the

MTA           https://mta.org.nz/

MTA     has 3,846 members     2,053 Repairers, 510 Dealers,    913 Service Stations


We have done work and saved money for:

Avenue Coolstores       https://www.avenuecoolstores.co.nz/

Woolston Club                    https://www.woolstonclub.co.nz/

Norsewear                     https://nznaturalclothingshop.co.nz/

Lemonwood Grove School     https://lemonwoodgrove.school.nz/


Each of these customers was on a time of use power product and was facing significant energy cost increases, or they were being supplied on an open basis and they weren’t being told

These customers were on time of use electricity pricing, and they had the option of changing, but they were not being told of their options.  One customer in particular once we got involved actually asked their current provider if they could change them, to a Non Half Hour product, but the request was denied.





What Our Customers Say

I manage a motel and slightly obsess about energy prices. So when Mike rang back and said we were pretty much on the best plan available to us I knew I was on to an honest bugger. Highly recommend the service, there is no cost if he can’t add value.

Richard Christie – Otaki Motels  5 star google review

Having to navigate all of the jargon the power companies put in there pricing and understanding it requires Mikes experience. Always a pleasure to deal with and always happy to answer questions about getting a better deal for his clients

Jordan Alison – Cherry Global  5 star google review

Mike was very helpful and made everything easy and stress free to get us the best deal possible. Would highly recommend to any business looking at using his services

Dylan Nicholson – NicCars     5 star google review