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Negotiating the Best Electricity Deal for Your Business or Home

To get fairer electricity prices, we need to know a number of things;

12 months usage profile

current contract status

ICP and address details

type of business,

any possible changes to the usage profile

current cost

An Industry Expert Working on Your Behalf

We use all the above information and will tender your electricity usage and profile to the major power companies through their tender channels to get for you the best electricity price we can.

We will show you all the prices we have received in a detailed report, along with our recommendation.

Once the decision is made, we will then arrange for contracts to be signed and for the switch to happen if needed, on the date that you the customer requests.

Time of use or Non Half Hour metering

If you are unsure whether you have time of use metering, we can advise.

Time of use metering is more complicated and in 2022 is more expensive purely because the wholesale price of electricity is very high.

You may also have the option of changing from Time of Use metering to Non Half Hour metering, power companies generally wont tell you, we will.

Give us a call on 022 071 3315  to speak to Mike.

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What Our Customers Say

Mike here in Christchurch, customer service, support, was
over & above. He took time to explain & supported me. Such awesome person. No job too hard for Mike.

Piki Moana