Reviewing the Terms and Conditions

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Not every Power Company terms and conditions are  the same

This is often an area that gets forgotten for everyone just looks at the price.  The best purchasing officers may commit their business to a power company and has not noticed the clauses in the contract that puts them to a disadvantage.

We have recently been noticing a clause in contracts relating to volume being affected by the introduction of solar energy.

We have also seen evergreen clauses still being used along with right to compete clauses as well.

When you engage an energy expert, they see all the offers and the accompanying terms and conditions.

A good consultant will check the conditions and advise of any adverse clauses which could be a risk.  When accepting a supply contract you are accepting all the accompanying terms and conditions.






Are there any products that we do not support or promote?

We strongly recommend that if you are a Dairy farmer and you are with Genesis Energy, that you get your power products checked out

It is possible that you have been sold a product that we dont endorse called: FOR DAIRY

We are aware of considerable issues with this product, and having analysed it in the past,  discovered customers have been oversold the product  based on a company requirement rather than looking after the end customer.

If you do nothing more than compare it against other power companies’ products,  we believe that would be a prudent thing to do.

Certainly dont necessarily believe what a sales rep tells you,  because the For Dairy terms and conditions does not have confidence in the accuracies of their quoting tool or the advice of any company representative, and states that they are for information only.


Time of use product

If you are being supplied on a time of use basis, and most of the time people are not quite sure if they are or not, there are some instances where you may be able to come of that product, and be changed to NHH ( Non Half Hour).

If you think that your current supplier will help you, unfortunately that is not usually the case for they dont get any benefit from helping,  as the volume remains the same.

I am aware of a customer where their previous supplier refused to change them as it was more costlier for them the supplier, so CPC arranged for the customer to switch to a more receptive supplier. That customer is saving over $50,000 a year because of that change.


Give us a call on 022 071 3315  to start the process

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What Our Customers Say

I manage a motel and slightly obsess about energy prices. So when Mike rang back and said we were pretty much on the best plan available to us I knew I was on to an honest bugger. Highly recommend the service, there is no cost if he can’t add value.

Richard Christie – Otaki Motels  5 star google review

Having to navigate all of the jargon the power companies put in there pricing and understanding it requires Mikes experience. Always a pleasure to deal with and always happy to answer questions about getting a better deal for his clients

Jordan Alison – Cherry Global  5 star google review

Mike was very helpful and made everything easy and stress free to get us the best deal possible. Would highly recommend to any business looking at using his services

Dylan Nicholson – NicCars     5 star google review